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Seattle Marketing Agency | Phalanx: Precision Growth Hacking

Phalanx Marketing Group

A full-service Small Business Growth Hacking Agency in Seattle.

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Way Beyond Average

Every business faces unique challenges. We have solutions for each of them.

Who We Are

When you partner with Phalanx you’re partnering with a team of 30 professionals with fifteen years of experience. Our team is fully dedicated to the success of your business. We proactively integrate with your team to provide online digital marketing the skills and strategies your business needs to grow.

Let Us Grow Your Customer Base!

Phalanx offers a complete Growth Hacking digital marketing service for small to medium sized tech companies, bio-tech companies, and HVAC businesses. We know that Growth isn’t just about sales and marketing. It covers things like products, engineering, and customer support. We offer a complete set of growth hacking and digital marketing services so you can focus on scaling your business to meet new demand.

Behavioral Dynamic Response Marketing

Multi-phased campaigns centered around response indicators and known prior behaviors. These are intelligent sales funnels that interact with the customer in real time.

Independent Marketing Journey

It allows you to track where your customers are in the buying phase and to communicate with each person uniquely and at scale through social media, email, text, and paid advertising.

Making Things Possible

Reaching a deep understanding of what your customer needs is part of our business


We're more than just a marketing company, we're data driven and that means we have data on your industry and your competitors. The first step is to build out a free marketing analysis of what you're competitors are doing. If you’d like, we can plan the call right now – click here to proceed.

The next step is to see if your company would be a good fit for Phalanx. We're looking for growth minded entrepreneurs who can scale their businesses as fast as we can send them new customers.

“A Growth hacker works within the parameters of a scalable and repeatable method for growth driven by a product and inspired by data”

Work with us and boost your project into the universe! Let's have a chat, just get in touch!

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