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Driving Growth For Over 15 Years

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Phalanx Marketing is a growth hacking consulting agency with locations in Seattle, WA and Leesburg, FL. We've worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped startups to major enterprises across every conceivable industry.

We're known for creatively cross-pollinating marketing tactics across industries and incessantly innovating, optimizing, and iterating powerful new growth tactics. Our tactical execution is force multiplied using bleeding edge technology, including our propriety marketing platform: the Phalanx Advanced Lead and Sales Engine. (PALSE)

Phalanx has been providing custom marketing solutions, internet marketing strategies, and customized search engine marketing strategies for over 11 years.

We use only “white hat” techniques utilizing a thematic approach that incorporates all aspects of what the search engines want from your website. We have over 30 in-house employees that perform all of the work to our clients’ campaigns.

As an agency, we believe two things: marketing, product development, and customer service are all integral factors of a single process: the sales process. And that marketing is done best with the creative application of bleeding edge technology.

Do you approach business with the 'heart of a servant mindset?', because we're looking for you. It's the same mindset that dictates every move we make as a company and we want to partner with companies built around the same mindset.