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More and more businesses are competing for a finite amount of online visibility. Choosing the right agency to run your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns is more important now than ever before. Online advertising with pay-per-click (PPC) can significantly aid your search engine optimization (SEO) results. Learn how Phalanx can help you gain the traffic you need and the revenue you deserve.
PPC is an often under-capitalized market for businesses of all sizes. Phalanx is one of the original agencies offering PPC Services and we’re proud of our long history in providing results. From Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Google Display Network; to Social Media Advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter; Phalanx is here to advance your business to the next level. Our highly qualified and experienced staff focus on not just driving traffic to your site, but driving the right traffic.
Our team will weigh the benefits of Google vs Bing and analyze Google search trends alongside the other search engines to help you decide where best to put your ad spend. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with highly converting campaigns as well as ongoing measuring and optimization. We’re committed to providing the route that your customers use to find your product or service. Pay per click is one of the best revenue drivers in search engine marketing, that’s why you need to bring Phalanx onto your team.

Phalanx is Results Driven

Delivering results is what truly matters, and our team of Google advertising and Bing Ads experts will strive to provide the success that you need as an owner. We’re dedicated to working as closely as possible with you, to ensure that we can meet your specific online advertising needs and search engine marketing goals.
Business in search of successful marketing can’t ignore PPC. In fact, according to a Google Economic Impact Report, advertisers on average make $2 for every 1$ spent on it.
The Phalanx team offers world-class customer service and a ‘heart of a servant’ mindset that shapes every decision we make as a company. We’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our employees never stop learning and take part in ongoing training in Google Advertising and trends with Google vs Bing. The Phalanx team exists on the cutting edge of technology and the latest developments in Google Search Trends and Bing Ads. This means you have access to the best in the industry and the finest practices available.
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Technology Applications Group

Phalanx wizards who operate deep in the world of cutting-edge technology and how it applies to marketing. Innovative growth hackers who enjoy conquering complex challenges and driving success for our clients.

Technology and Marketing DevGru

It was here that the Phalanx Advanced Lead and Sales Engine took it's first breath. A place of innovation and experimentation, placing Phalanx at the forefront and keeping us there.

People Are Searching for Businesses Like Yours!

The top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page. If you're not in the top three, then your competitors are!


Phalanx will always be in contact with you, either on a bi-weekly or even weekly basis. It’s important to us that clients are kept up to date on the management of our campaigns. You’ll get a weekly email reporting and a campaign analysis.

We’re the PPC experts, but you’re the expert of your own business. Collaboration is very important to us and will help us meet our search engine marketing goals.

You deserve high-quality and personalized attention and the Phalanx dedicated account representative will ensure that you receive it. This includes constant analysis and optimization for the frequency, type, and amount of clicks you receive. You’ll also receive detailed Keyword Analysis reports and hands-on PPC Bid Management.

Phalanx’s partnership with CallTrax+ allows us to effectively track offline customer responses to online campaigns, tracking phone ad based calls with exclusive SourceTrax Technology. We also offer exclusive services with Impression Capture™ Technology.

Everything we do is based around three principles: Excellent Service, Excellent Results, and Your Overall Satisfaction.

Tracking and Analytics

Data is the beating heart of any Phalanx campaign, we’ll provide analytics and conversion tracking codes for PPC and they can be installed by Phalanx as needed. We’ll work with your team to ensure tracking is accurate. We specifically monitor relevant conversion points, which should include a lead generation form and a newsletter sign up form.

Keyword Selection

Keyword research and selection are vital components to any campaign and we’re here to ensure it gets done right. This includes a comprehensive long-tailed keyword approach, as it has a positive effect in both reducing costs per click and increasing relevance. General terms are bid slightly lower because the conversion rates will be lower.


A tactic we’ve seen work is to target competitors’ names as keywords. When someone searches for one of your competitors, it’s an opportunity to pull highly relevant traffic from them and route it through our sales funnel. We’ll need great ads and high-quality landing pages for this tactic to be effective.

Quality Scores

High quality scores are absolutely vital to the success of any account, so we regularly review quality scores and restructure campaigns with that in mind. Most of our campaigns have dedicated search, display network, and remarketing campaigns. These campaigns have dozens of ad groups built with tightly knit keywords.

Ad Variations

Phalanx recommends split testing a variety of ad variations. We create a series of highly optimized ads and continually split test them against one another. We also incorporate ad extensions into every ad group and optimize them as well, in an effort to improve click-through rates.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are important because they block bad traffic that is triggered by your keywords. We have a significant number of negative keywords identified from previous clients in your industry. Ongoing reviews of search queries and the addition of negative keywords are part of our standard operating procedures.

Bid Adjustments

Our proprietary bid management software and expertise allows us to bid specifically on the keywords and websites that best reach the campaign's target audience for the most cost-effective rates. We’ve found from experience that positions two and three are often the most cost-effective, but we treat each keyword individually and use our tools to push them to the optimal positions.

ToD/DoW Adjustments

We run the campaigns 24/7, but it’s important to adjust bids by time of day and day of the week. Campaign data will show us what time of day converts the highest and we adjust bidding to be more aggressive during these times. Again, we can pull on our experience in your industry, or you may have internal data that further refines these adjustments.

Phalanx Proprietary Tool

We’re constantly developing new and powerful tools to help our clients succeed. You’ll have access to our proprietary reporting tool, this does a fantastic job of showing trending data and we’ll send reports to you on a weekly basis.
Currently, our most powerful proprietary tool is the Phalanx Advanced Lead and Sales Engine (PALSE). PALSE is an advanced lead generation tool used for two primary purposes: to pull your current client database and connect that data to their current data points for hyper-targeted paid advertising; the second use is to build out hyper-targeted lead lists of people who are likely to be high converting prospects.
Example: We recently built out a list of 1.5 million US pregnant woman from 7 months pregnant to post-pregnancy of 12 months. These kinds of lists include dozens to sometimes hundreds of data-points. These lists are then broken down into hyper-targeted audiences.
Our programmers are standing by to build you a custom version of PALSE, to build your customer lists before they’re even your customers.


We believe that “remarketing” (sometimes called “retargeting”) will be a vital component to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Here is a brief explanation. With the exception of those few people who have cookies disabled on their computer, a cookie can be placed on the computer of any website visitor.
It doesn't matter how they arrived on the website. Those people can then be targeted with low cost ads when they visit other sites. This can be very cost-effective. The true ROI of any campaign is found in the follow up. Remarketing allows us to turn a one-time visitor into a customer, essentially multiplying our efforts towards target customers.

PPC Match Types

We recommend focusing on more exacting match types. We try to avoid broad matched keywords but there are times when a keyword proves to have exceptionally low conversion costs. Phalanx focuses on modified, phrase matched keywords, broad matched keywords, and exact matched keywords, with higher bids on the more exacting match type.
This allows us to micromanage bids, since the exact matched keywords are likely to convert better than the broad matched keywords and deserve more aggressive bids. More importantly, when Google sees that a keyword is present three or four times in different variation in an ad group, the relevancy between the keywords goes up. This creates higher quality scores, which in turn lowers our CPCs.

Management By Type

Campaigns should be segmented based on the time of device they’ll be viewed on. The mobile marketplace has changed over the years and has become a sizable segment of the online marketplace, it also tends to convert at a lower rate.
We’ve adjusted to this conversion rate in two ways. Click-to-call conversions from mobile devices are often the preferred method of converting, so we incorporate click-to-call into our strategies and use CallTrax+ to track conversions. Secondly, we often recommend bidding down on our mobile bids. Past experience indicates that a reduction of 10 to 15 percent in your marketplace is a good starting point. You may have internal data that further refines this figure.

Ad Creation

Getting the messaging right is important. Content is king and plays a huge role in click-through-rates and conversions. It’s one reason we emphasize such a high level of client interaction when creating campaigns. You’re the expert for your business and we want to incorporate your knowledge with our skill and experience to create effective and compelling ads. We can either utilize existing image ads that you already have or create new and unique ads with images that you provide us. Part of getting the messaging right is making sure that we’re using proven images from your inventory.

Display Network

Initially, we recommend not devoting more than 10 to 15 percent of the PPC budget to the display networks. This network targets people researching information on relevant websites, but we’ve found the traffic quality to be lower than in the search networks. Display networks click traffic is often a fraction of the cost though and if it’s low enough, then we’ll adjust the campaigns based upon conversion data vs cost per customer. We’re always data driven through and are quick to adjust based upon what the data is showing us.

Social Media Advertising

Search Engine Marketing is only one of our paid advertising services. See our Social Media Advertising.
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Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 1

Digital Marketing Strategy And Campaign Development

The Phalanx PPC team thoroughly analyses your business, your priorities, and goals to ensure we fully understand your specific challenges and requirements. The most productive keywords and phases are selected based on your product or service, target audience, and industry. This information is used to build out the campaign strategy, based on your goals and budget. Then our copy-writing team creates compelling ads and match them to the highest converting landing pages, or we suggest custom landing pages.

PPC Management Services Phase 1 Deliverables:

  • Goals and Objectives Review.
  • Our team does in depth keyword research, leveraging your knowledge of your business and industry.
  • Targeting and Budget Review.
  • The generation of detailed descriptions of your business, designed to enhance the frequency and quality of traffic.
  • Creative Ad copy writing: Our copy-writers determine which messages will perform best and create compelling ads to maximize the number of customers.
  • Landing pages creation and improvement: We ensure your landing page(s) are attractive, compelling, and built to create conversions.
  • Assist with implementing the best possible tracking for your website.
  • Assist with creating and achieving realistic short and long-term goals.

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 2

Ongoing PPC Campaign Management


  • Daily /Hourly bid monitoring
  • Ad effectiveness review
  • Compelling ad variant creation
  • Comprehensive Pay Per Click Management budget oversight
  • Pay per click campaign optimization
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ppc strategy and results meetings (depending on ppc management services plan)
  • Hands on PPC Bid Management
  • Weekly email reporting
  • Weekly Organic vs. PPC comparison report (depending on ppc management services plan)
  • Unlimited PPC Management phone support (depending on ppc management services plan)
  • Exclusive SourceTrax Technology implementation

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 3

Comprehensive PPC Campaign Tracking and ROI Measurement

Data is always the most important element of any campaign. A campaign can’t improve if you don’t measure it. Advertising is only effective if it’s generating measurable results. For example, if somebody clicks on your ad and buys your product, then this is considered a click-to-sale conversion, or click to lead conversion, or just simply a conversion.
You’ll receive regular ROI reports measuring ad budget effectiveness (sales, sign-ups, leads, registrations, or anything else we need to track) and then comparing them against the dollars spent on generating the results. This helps us analyze current campaigns and decide on future online strategies.
Your dedicated Phalanx account representative measures the frequency, type and number of clicks, and evaluates the success of your campaign keywords. This happens alongside our daily management. Our software operates 24 hours a day to monitor bids, positions, clicks, conversions, and costs. We optimize your campaign on a continuous basis using budget, target conversion cost, and ROI.


  • Campaign tracking and ROI reporting
  • Ongoing results and goal reviews
  • In depth ROI analytics

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 4

PPC Management Services Quality Program

Phalanx is committed to maintaining the highest possible quality of campaigns. We approach every decision and action with a ‘heart of a servant’ mindset, a core value of continuous improvement. This commitment involves two primary improvement loops.

Loop 1:

  • Continual customer satisfaction and results reviews.
  • We continually listen to our clients and use that feedback to improve our services.

Loop 2:

  • Continual self evaluation.
  • No one is a harder critic on our work that Phalanx. Everything we do is recorded for quality purposes and we regularly review this information to improve ourselves using peer-reviews and campaign effectiveness reviews.
This core value of innovation and improvement allows us to maintain the highest possible standards for our clients.

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