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Search engine optimization is a vital and powerful marketing tool that drives free organic traffic to your website. It isn’t flashy like social media marketing and it doesn’t provide an immediate ROI like paid advertising, but it’s more powerful that both of those.
When someone comes to your website from a google search, it means they were looking for something and now they’ve found it. There are all kinds of agencies that perform SEO services, but none of them can match our skill, technical knowledge, and experience.
We’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s been our experience that there are typically two types of SEO agencies. The first is the most common. It’s the ‘reactive’ agencies that do ‘surface’ SEO. They collect an initial list of keywords from you (the client), or maybe they even do some keyword research on your behalf. This kind of company goes to work on your website and does a ‘surface optimization’ that creates middling results. They’re reactive in their practices, meaning that after the initial work is finished, they collect their retainers and wait for you to request further optimization. Companies like this are ‘best practices scavengers’ and form the 99%. They learn how to do their SEO from companies like Phalanx and are always slightly behind the curve.
The second type are the proactive growth monsters like Phalanx, the 1%. We take it personally, because success for your business equals success for us. We begin our work with a deep technical analysis of your industry and line of work. Multiple layers get pulled back and tens-of-thousands of keywords are researched. We build a strategic plan covering multiple months, detailing exactly what we’ll do to achieve results.
It’s a holistic approach to developing and executing a strategy involving keyword research, content creation, natural linking, and social signals. Which keywords will attract not just the most traffic, but the right kind of traffic for your product or service? And once you gain those coveted positions, how will you keep them, especially when Google constantly revises its algorithm? We have those answers and we’re constantly creating new answers.
But what makes us truly special: we’re much more than just another digital marketing agency. We’re growth hackers. Phalanx Marketing Group exists on the bleeding edge of technology and its application to marketing. We’re the elite of marketing operators and rapidly experiment and iterate thousands of times each week in innovative discovery tests: analyzing, measuring, and creating the best practices that the 99% scavenge from.

Technology Applications Group

Phalanx wizards who operate deep in the world of cutting-edge technology and how it applies to marketing. Innovative growth hackers who enjoy conquering complex challenges and driving success for our clients.

Technology and Marketing DevGru

It was here that the Phalanx Advanced Lead and Sales Engine took it's first breath. A place of innovation and experimentation, placing Phalanx at the forefront and keeping us there.

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If you’re not appearing at the top of the results, guess who is? Your competitors. They’re getting those leads. So what should you do?


Step 1: Developing the Strategy (Initial Analysis Reports)

We start with critical research. Our comprehensive Initial Analysis Reports lay the foundation for the strongest search engine success possible and determines the best path in achieving a return on your investment.

The analysis is a huge amount of information we need to collect in order to take action and execute direction with your website. It takes us two to three weeks to aggregate the data, then we deliver the reports to you in an online meeting format. These reports allow all parties to understand the scope of the project and will allow us to write a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan (SIMP). Once this plan is complete you'll receive an official quote for ongoing SEO, but until that point, it's only educated guesswork as to the amount of effort it will take to attain success.

That's why we start with a baby step of noncommittal research. After that stage is complete, you'll know what it's like to interact with our professional team, you'll have a massive amount of knowledge about the opportunities and obstacles, and we'll know what it'll take to help you achieve the success you want.

Keyword Report

Define exact keywords and search phrases that users are searching on the Internet as well as the monthly search volume. This activity will give you an idea of the potential traffic searching for your products/services on a monthly basis.

Initial Website SEO Analysis

Our software will look at images in relation to load times for each page, broken URLs, and other issues that prevent search engines from crawling the site. The website is a critical factor in good SEO. The layers or “hierarchy” of any website structure are extremely important to a successful SEO project.

Competition Analysis

Our software will look at images in relation to load times for each page, broken URLs, and other issues that prevent search engines from crawling the site. The website is a critical factor in good SEO. The layers or “hierarchy” of any website structure are extremely important to a successful SEO project.

Initial Ranking (Benchmark)

This report shows where keywords and search phrases are ranked today. Accountability is vital, and our Benchmark report will look at what keywords your website currently ranks for and where. We’ll consistently run new reports every three to five weeks, tracking our efforts.

Competitive Intelligence

This step involves looking at who your top 10 competitors for the keywords and search phrases are, and where they rank for keywords. As part of strategy and setting expectations, we have to know who your competitors are online and where they rank for the same keywords we’re going after. This analysis can help us dissect competitive websites and give us distinct advantages.

Backlink Strength Report

This report contains many mathematical details on the strength of your inbound links to the pages within your website. Every link that comes from another website or blog has a mathematical value called citation flow. These links, depending on what site they come from, the age of the domain, the content on the website, and other areas can either hurt or help your website. Building a solid back link program that is steady in progression and rich in relevant content is vital to quality structure of SEO.
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Step 2: Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

We believe SEO is the single best investment most firms can make. SEO is the process of gaining trust and authority with Google (and other search engines) on specific keywords. Once that trust is gained, and rankings are achieved, our clients tend to maintain their first page positions for years.

This investment pays dividends month after month. There are only two ways that your rankings are diminished. The first is if competitors do a better job of optimizing the same keywords. We have specific approaches to combat this issue, which are detailed below. The second reason that organic rankings may change is that Google updates their algorithms.

We welcome those changes. The last several updates from Google have improved about 80 percent of our clients’ organic rankings, with the remaining 20 percent split between no changes, or moderate declines. While no one can predict what the next Google update will do, our track record has proven that our methodologies are very much in line with the direction Google is trying to move with their SEO updates.

Our methodologies are proven across many different industries, and in incredibly competitive marketplaces, which is why our clients have over a quarter-million first page results.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization includes writing new properly optimized content to be posted to the site. This content adheres to all the best practices such as: proper keyword density, keyword in the title, keyword in alt tags, proper keyword data in meta-tags, etc.

Off Page Optimization

Not all backlinks are equal, and we provide quality backlinks from blogs; these specifically talk about the keyword we're trying to optimize for, utilize the keyword as the anchor text, and link back specifically to the article we want to rank for that keyword.

Social Signal Development

Social signals are beginning to have a significant impact on SEO, and that's why when we post a new piece of content for a client we develop social signals to that content. This activity is completed through our social signal network that tweets, +1s, and shares the content. We take a much more gradual approach with existing content as Google would view many social signals about an old piece of content as unnatural.

Regular Meetings

We believe that we should have regular meetings with our clients. SEO may take time, but we don't believe that our objectives/tasks should take any longer than they need to. By having regular meetings with us you can keep us accountable, and we'll keep you and your team accountable for the action items that need to take place. In these meetings we will also be going over reports of the progress of the campaign, and consistently share with you the results of our relationship.

Toxic Backlink Removal

We’ll find and eliminate and then continually monitor for toxic backlinks. We have a streamlined disavow process using a hybrid form of Google's Disavow Tool.

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