What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the process of finding and taking advantage of opportunities for growth in the marketplace. For most companies, this takes the form of reaching an unmet need or discovering potential buyers who weren’t previously a part of the market. By successfully reaching out to a new market, companies can position themselves as the leading provider and acquire most of the benefits from opening the market resources.

Effective Growth: An iterative and Data–Driven Process

A major part of Growth Hacking is the scientific process of designing and validating your business' growth strategy. This is done through a process of collecting data, experimentation, and rapid iteration. It’s a lot like comparing formulas in a laboratory to see which one offers the best balance of cost and results. The validation of the marketing strategy happens on a cyclical process based on testing, tracking, and progressively optimizing the results. This process allows Phalanx to create specific plans, define realistic goals, and ultimately make the growth process more effective. There’s no mystery or guesswork here – just data-driven facts.

We perform Growth Hacking on three different levels


With measuring, we acquire quantitative measurements of user behavior that help us to understand who they are, what matters the most to them, and what refinements will make products and marketing more effective for them.
Hypothetical Example: Households with a pregnant woman in the second trimester in the month of October are 32% more likely to sign up for an annual furnace maintenance plan.


Once we have those measurements, we start working on constant analysis to help better understand the real-world impact of the strategy. Constant analysis is critical to successful growth hacking - in fact, many companies forget to reassess their marketing strategies, and that's often why they fail.


Finally, we work to implement the strategies generated by measuring and analyzing the company base. Much like analysis, optimization is an ongoing process, and it always has more growth for your company as the goal. We analyze, design, and validate a custom marketing strategy and techniques that's perfect for your business. We'll also help implement it so you can focus on running the rest of your business without the distractions that marketing can cause.

Our Process

Our process is designed to fully understand your business, then take significant marketing actions to help promote it across each channel that offers a good return on the investment.
This all starts with a phone call with one of our growth hackers.
Then we analyze your current marketing assets and procedures. This allows us to compare what you're doing to where you want to be.
After that, we’ll discuss a growth roadmap across multiple levels of the AARRR stack: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.

Is Growth Hacking Effective For My Business?

Absolutely! Companies like AirBnB, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, HubSpot, and Uber have all used Growth Hacking to grow from tiny startups to some of the most-recognized businesses in the world. Not every market has the same opportunity for growth hacking, but we're dedicated to helping you leverage the awesome power of technology to drive growth.

Let us Growth Hack your Business!